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It's here!!!!!! The first in a series of booklets of RPG Download material. If your looking for a new game world or seeking to reinvigorate your love of the genre then check out,

The Bloodsoaked Lands...

The Bloodsoaked Lands Cover

Recent Additions
Looking for a new culture to play? Then explore and develop your understanding for the people of the Gracian Tribes.

Following their introduction in The Bloodoaked Lands these posts help you to use these people in your RPG campaigns.

The Gracian Tribes...
Market research is the key to the success of any product.  Check out the results of a recent survey I conducted into what consumers are wanting from digital books.

Survey Results...

Traditional Favourite
Find out what it's like to be a Mercenary Captain in this free short story, now available for download.

Chronicles of a Mercenary Captain pdf & prc...

Character & Item Profiles

Huntargin DeepForge

            Amongst the dwarves there are few who rival the stature of Huntargin as he epitomises true Dwarven characteristics such as strength, courage, leadership, honour and tradition.  This character profile delves into his past and shows you what makes him tic.

Xeroc HighThrone

The southern lands of the Dwarven nations are some of the richest and profitable lands under the rule of any Dwarven King, yet danger always lurks in the shadow of every mountain.  Xeroc’s history is one of turmoil and pain, but these circumstances have built a King out of a Prince, find out what Xeroc’s upbringing entailed and then imagine what the future holds.

Elrean Crothus

             Born for a life of battle, raised by one of the current age’s greatest and most powerful men, the life of Elrean Crothus is far from normal.  Pry into her early life and find out what drives this remarkable woman with this character profile.

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