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Hot From The Forge
It's here!!!!!! The first in a series of booklets of RPG Download material. If your looking for a new game world or seeking to reinvigorate your love of the genre then check out,

The Bloodsoaked Lands...

The Bloodsoaked Lands Cover

Recent Additions
Looking for a new culture to play? Then explore and develop your understanding for the people of the Gracian Tribes.

Following their introduction in The Bloodoaked Lands these posts help you to use these people in your RPG campaigns.

The Gracian Tribes...

Market research is the key to the success of any product.  Check out the results of a recent survey I conducted into what consumers are wanting from digital books.

Survey Results...

Traditional Favourite
Find out what it's like to be a Mercenary Captain in this free short story, now available for download.

Chronicles of a Mercenary Captain pdf & prc...

Available Products

Fantasy RPG Download Material
This is material written and produced by The Worldsmith for Role Playing Games (RPG).

The Bloodsoaked Lands
Discover the southern lands of the Doth-Erian Empire in this gritty fantasy game world setting

Fantasy Ebooks
Reinvigorate your enthusiasm, desire and love of the fantasy genera with these releases by The Worldsmith.  Develop a passion for the lands that these works are set in and take the opportunity to explore and add to the lands of Synathia.  Are you prepared to discover a new world?

First of the High Kings - Coming Soon

First of the High Kings is an engaging read that immerses you in the rich world of the Dwarves of Synathia.  Through bringing a sense of realism to a world full of magic, you discover how these proud folk lived during the first age as you are taken through a gripping tale of the civil war which has eternally divided their race.

Fantasy Audiobooks

The two links below are a free portion of chapter 10, run time is 15 min simply right click and select 'save Link as' to download to your computer or left click to play directly from the website.

First of the High Kings . mp3 - suitable for PC & Mac audio players

First of the High Kings . m4a
- suitable for iphones, ipods and itunes applications

Products in Development

The Doth Erian Gazzetter -  No official Release Date

This easy to read publication wll give GM's a general overview of the Doth-Erian Empire, its provinces, major cities and history of the lands and bring the area to life with colour maps.

The Second Book of the Seperation Wars Saga - No official Title or Release Date

This is the gripping continuation of the 'First of the High Kings',  immersing you further into the Dwarven world as you experience this difficult time in the Dwarves history.
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