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Character Profile

Xeroc HighThrone


The Kings of Nythos have always held a position of strength in the Dwarven world.  Their lands are fertile, their populations growing, and the continuous threats from the Goblin and Orcan races ensure that their soldiers are battle hardened and fearless.  This is the setting that the second son of Hargrin HighThrone was born into.

As a Prince to the Nythos throne he was given a royal education and upbringing, being groomed to take the throne in the event that his older brother, Katrus HighThrone, perished before he could produce a male offspring to succeed him.  Although there was always the knowledge that only one of the brothers was to inherit the throne Xeroc and Katrus were quite close despite the fifteen year age difference.

The gods however were to play their hand in the lives of Katrus and Xeroc, as the long standing dispute between the Clans of HighThrone and DeathHammer escalated when one of the HighThrone mining outposts was sacked by DeathHammer raiders.  This incident saw the two Clans go to war, and during the battle at Trayus Ridge, Katrus was slain and the forces of HighThrone routed.  As time passed the number of victories and losses mounted for both sides, and with the war becoming a stalemate eventually a ceasefire was declared.

Hostilities may have stopped between the Clans, but Xeroc refused to see anything but revenge through his eyes for the death of his brother.  Xeroc had not been given permission to take part in the previous war due to his lack of experience and age, thus these were the first two things that Xeroc chose to fix.

Now with the mantle of heir to the throne of Nythos, he first looked to solidify his position through marriage to the eldest daughter of BlackRock, drawing these two powerful clans closer together.  Then he turned his attention to matters of state and warfare.

Over the next seventy years Xeroc developed his political skills with his natural charisma making him a favoured son of the Dereth-Tulorn court.  He was also able to convince his father to allow him to personally select a fifty strong unit of soldiers to mould as his own private force.  Initially Hargin refused seeing the prospect as endangering the throne further, however with a little persuasion the King finally accepted.  Within three weeks of forming Xeroc led his force on a mission into the BlackSpear Ranges where they hunted and killed the great Orcan Chief Orugark the BloodReaver.

Xeroc’s father was to die from old age some years after and Xeroc ascended to be King.  With great celebration and fanfare this event was witnessed by many and invitations were sent to dignitaries and leaders across the Dwarven lands.  Although the populace rejoiced for the occasion all the while Xeroc still held in his mind his quest for revenge and it took little time for him to mobilise his army.

Within two years of taking the throne Xeroc went to war once again with the DeathHammers.  In the span between taking the throne and when the first axe was embedded into their enemy, the forces of HighThrone had upgraded their equipment and trained rigorously in the knowledge of what was to come.  This time however Xeroc had convinced the forces of BlackRock under the leadership of the Overlord Korlack BlackRock to join his side in destroying the DeathHammer scourge. 

History would write that the battles of this conflict were easily won; the reality was very different however regardless the end result was the same.  In the final battle on the Tartaris Plains Xeroc took his revenge by slaying the Overlord Burenour DeathHammer, who was one of the greatest berserks of the age, in single combat.

With his vengeance sated Xeroc turned his attention to building the power of his clan and nation; as such he has fathered three children, two sons and a daughter, and started a campaign of expansion south into the unclaimed lands of the nomads.


As with all Dwarves descending from Nythos, Xeroc has dark grey skin and stark white hair.  His hair is typically cut to shoulder length and a long thick beard is plaited into four strands the outer two having platinum weaves through them while the inner two hold golden weaves, denoting him as King of Nythos and Overlord of HighThrone.  Although Xeroc has openly engaged in many battles his face is unscarred, some say that the gods themselves protect him against harm.  His somewhat crafted facial features are offset with exotic red eyes and as the years have passed his voice has taken on a gruffer tone.

A life of hard work has seen Xeroc grow to become physically strong as well as mentally alert.  This keen mind has been honed in the court of his capital city, Dereth-Tulorn, where his cunning and calculated approach to negotiations has been complimented with his natural charisma.  This potent combination has seen many of the most hardened adversaries yield to his will.  One of his essential qualities that has aided in this success is his ability as an orator.  In this field he is recognised as one of the best as his speeches are clear, concise and rousing to those who listen.

Although a firm ruler, his subjects follow his decisions without question or disloyalty; this has been nurtured through the many victories as his subjects enjoy the benefits of this growth in power and of their nation.

Works Involving This Character

Feature novel First of the High Kings - available soon

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