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Character Profile

Huntargin DeepForge


Amongst the dwarves there are few who rival the stature of Huntargin as he epitomises true Dwarven characteristics such as strength, courage, leadership, honour and tradition.  Born the first son of Tharandor DeepForge he took up the mantle of King of Daragoth late in his one hundred and eightieth year of age.  Prior to this he had led a distinguished military career having attended the war academy and receiving a commendation for his study there and obtaining the title of weapons master with the battle axe he spent a great deal of his younger years split between court life, where he honed his skills as a diplomat, and leading battalions of Daragoth troops through the BlackSpear Mountains fighting pitched battles against goblin and ogre tribes in order to clear the lands of this scourge.

It was at this time, during the Doom Burrow’s Campaign, that he met the young officer, Lord Keldorin GoldenShield, who was to later become one of the greatest friends that Huntargin has.  Although a good forty years his younger the heir to the GoldenShield clan and future general of the Imperial armies proved himself as a great warrior, an inspiration to the troops and an honourable man, traits that Huntargin saw in himself and admired.

As is expected of all royalty Huntargin was married as a prince, his betrothed was one of the SoulHammer’s Princesses Ethra SoulHammer.  Their marriage helped to unite the Dwarven nations of Daragoth and Theros and saw the younger SoulHammer monarch Mattembus stand side by side on the battlefield with Huntargin on several occasions. 

This bond forged in blood between the two kings was to prove vital in the years to come as a growing sentiment amongst the nation’s leaders was to unite all of Dwarven kind under a single banner and although Mattembus was at the forefront of this push he had the backing of Huntargin who’s keen political nous was crucial in achieving the support of many of the clans overlords.

Although there are many burdens in which a monarch must carry the greatest that Huntargin holds is the death of his wife and only son during a complication at childbirth.  Never remarrying nor fathering any other children this event has left the DeepForge throne vacant of a direct heir.  Although remaining alone for the majority of his life, in honour of his wife whom he’d loved, Huntargin has found some comfort in his old age by raising two dogs; the eldest is Dyamus while the younger of the two is Feldspar.  The two shaggy hounds rarely leave his side acting as guard dogs when Huntargin is out on a hunt as well as companions by the hearth during the cold nights of winter.


 Huntargin is a broad shouldered old veteran whose bones are starting to ache with age.  As such he has grey streaks through his black hair, which is typically slicked back, and beard that are a testament to the many winters he has seen.  He will typically wear his beard in a singular plat and proudly display his gold and platinum weaves through it, which denote him as a King and an Overlord.  His face is now wrinkled and shows the scars of many battles, the worst of which has taken out his left eye.  As a replacement Huntargin forged a spherical ruby which acts as a false eye, the pupil is represented by a gold insignia of DeepForge inlaid within the sphere.

When out in public he will typically be seen wearing a suit of plate mail a mountain and anvil, prominently etched upon the breastplate. Over his shoulders and flowing down his back is an elaborately woven cloak made of very fine metallic red links, again it proudly displays the symbol of DeepForge within its centre. Holstered at his side is his battle axe, a weapon that has seen him through all his campaigns and has miraculously stayed sharp and true through its life.

Works Involving This Character

Feature novel First of the High Kings - available soon

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