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It's here!!!!!! The first in a series of booklets of RPG Download material. If your looking for a new game world or seeking to reinvigorate your love of the genre then check out,

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Looking for a new culture to play? Then explore and develop your understanding for the people of the Gracian Tribes.

Following their introduction in The Bloodoaked Lands these posts help you to use these people in your RPG campaigns.

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Find out what it's like to be a Mercenary Captain in this free short story, now available for download.

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I am a young writer, creator, thinker and devoted fan of the fantasy genre. Over the years I have spent my time initially reading fantasy books but looked to further explore this genre by delving into pen and paper role playing games (RPG) in which I have spent many years yelling and screaming with my friends.  As time passed my interests expanded into computer game RPG’s and MMO’s, films and even the odd fantasy theatre show in an attempt to satiate my interest in fantasy works.  As my enthusiasm for RPG’s expanded I looked to develop a world in conjunction with some friends in which we based our adventures, wrote computer game mods for and wrote novels and short stories about.  It is that setting that I have constructed The Worldsmith concept around and wish to share it with other likeminded fantasy fans.

The Worldsmith Concept

So what is The Worldsmith concept about?  For me it is the fulfilment of a vision, which sees the fantasy world that I have spent years helping to create, accessible for others to enjoy.  What I am looking to do is to provide written material for lovers of fantasy to read enjoy and interact with.  I do this, as mentioned in previous articles that I have written, as a way of giving back to the fantasy community as fantasy has enriched my life I would like to provide the opportunity for others to be able to enrich theirs as well. 

It is my experience that people want to experience a world in many different formats, broaden their experiences with its characters, insitiutions and lands by interacting with it in as many different ways as possible.  It is my plan to provide this opportunity for people by exposing them to a world that has been developed by the worldsmith's and letting them experience the joy that I have had over the many years.  To start it off I will be releasing a novel 'First of the High Kings' and will look to put out new titles in the future, expand and release game world content for Role Playing Games and as time passes it is my vision to utilise this world in computer games, artwork and hopefully even movies.  To me the prospects are unlimited so join me and live the world that I have created and become a part of it.

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